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Japanese sexy schoolgirl Azumi Miyanaga is here with Japan Lust. Looking to get her tight hairy pussy creampied, she tells us her reasons for asking this favor.

Azumi is single, and has been for some time now. She’s not to blame though, being enrolled in an all-girls university means there’s practically no chance of a fateful encounter with the love of her life anytime soon, unless the love of her life is her department’s janitor.

Unlike many Japanese young ladies her age, she doesn’t work a part-time job, which means her chances of finding a partner are even lower than most girls at her university.

While their campus is open for visitors at all times, and they constantly have boys from other universities going in there trying to pick up chicks, these boys are not exactly boyfriend material as they usually are womanizers who aren’t looking for a real committed relationship.

It’s not like her standards are impossible to meet either. Her only requirement for a guy to be a possible partner is that he’s an active member of society. In other words, just don’t be a NEET, that’s literally it.

Her reason for wanting someone who fits this criterion is that her previous boyfriend completely hid the fact that he was actually a shut-in NEET while he was dating her. Ever since she found out, she’s been actively trying to avoid getting in a relationship with someone who isn’t a hardworking honest man, or at least someone who won’t lie about a detail that’s so critical in a committed relationship.

Other than that one detail, and as long as you’re not morbidly obese, or exceptionally unhygienic, you will always have a chance this stunning young babe.

Sexy Schoolgirl
                                                                                                  Sexy Schoolgirl

Sexy schoolgirl in hot red thong

She’s understandably depressed about her failure to get a boyfriend even with these low standards. But instead of sulking and doing nothing, she decided to shoot her first amateur porn scene.

Beneath her elegant one-piece, she’s hiding a pair of racy red underwear that she’ll use to seduce this lucky stranger into drilling her tight pussy harder than ever before. And he’ll leave a hot creampie inside as a parting gift.

The babe bends over on the mattress and brings her yummy little ass up. Her racy pink panties are easy to spot with how short her elegant white one piece is.

To turn the heat even further, she takes off her panties while leaving everything else on.

Azumi is simply a seduction queen. She sits down and lasciviously lifts her one piece just enough to expose her delicious thighs.

Lifting a bit more reveals her cute little ass and glimpse of her sexy schoolgirl pussy.

Invitingly taking off her one piece brings an end to the sensational strip tease. Her steamy pink bra covers a pair of heavenly plump and firm tits.

Presenting her with his cock which has turned to stone listening to her provocative JOI and watching her bewitching strip tease, she alluringly touches and teases it from over the boxers.

This is most definitely not the same inexperienced adorable girl we’ve talked to just a few minutes ago. She’s a mistress of pure arousal.

Her sweet lips caress the protruding pole without removing the underwear covering it.

Finally dropping her partner’s boxers after she’s turned his cock harder than a brick wall, she attractively lies down and plays with her sexy schoolgirl pussy and gorgeous tits as he jerks off to this straight-from-paradise scene.

Sexy Schoolgirl
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Appreciating her body

He wants to play too. Teasing her delicate tiny nipples with his fingers, then flicking them with his tongue.

Slapping her perfect boobs with his cock, he realizes he’s let her rub herself without help for long enough. And hands her a pink denma suiting to a goddess of her caliber.

Azumi uses the toy to arouse her erect nipples first before reaching down to stimulate her sensitive clit. After all, if she has an experience with anything sexual, it’s sex toys.

The babe’s loud and sensual screams of pleasure completely mask the noise coming from the rapidly vibrating denma. Her sexy schoolgirl pussy is already soaking in love juices.

She spreads the luscious pussy lips to expose a wet pink hole oozing pure lust. The sight is just too appetizing not to go in for a taste.

Flicking his tongue up and down the lips, he then uses his cock to rub them without penetrating her.

Horny out of her mind after all the relentless stimulation her body’s gotten, she uses the denma once more while bent over. Her lover fingers her sexy schoolgirl pussy before bestowing his cock upon her.

Lovingly holding the shaft between her cute little hands, she nibbles on the head with her sweet lips.

Licking the rod and gracing it with her spit in between driving it to the back of her throat, her pretty mouth firmly hugs it as her hand holds the base.

It’s finally time, no more foreplay. At last, he’ll get to penetrate that sexy schoolgirl pussy.

Azumi gets on all fours yet again, she clearly like being posed like this. She brings her beautiful ass back and her mouthwatering tight asshole is pulsating in anticipation.

Sexy Schoolgirl
                                                                                                  Sexy Schoolgirl

Who needs boyfriend when you got a hard cock all to yourself?

She’s had enough teasing, so why not go straight in? But that sexy schoolgirl pussy is so tight, she lets out an insanely erotic moan as the first thrust stretches her lustful hole.

Her man has no plans of going slow for too long however, immediately picking up his pace and pummeling those yummy ass cheeks as she turns from exhaling lust to barely being able to breathe.

“It hurts!” She screams as the cock stretches her sexy schoolgirl pussy way past its limit. They both know she’s really enjoying it.

Treating her to her favorite position, he lies down and lets her ride on top.

Despite being held tight by the bra beneath them, her marvelous tiny tits still bounce with her as she slides up and down the hard cock.

Now with her tiny ass right in front of him, she starts to pound on his groin with her skinny cheeks. The slapping sound the perfect tiny pair makes when they bump into his body and jiggle is as seductive as it can get.

After reversing herself and bringing that pretty little ass into view; he lets her ride in reverse cowgirl for a bit before spreading her slender legs and slamming her like a madman, completely tearing her pussy apart.

Things reach a whole new level once she’s back in missionary and her stunning legs are spread once more. The babe is squealing as the hardcore destruction of her sexy schoolgirl pussy culminates in a hot creampie.