Japanese Teen Sex with Cute Mizuki Abe

A very talented student

She’s still in university, but she doesn’t waste her time studying, she thinks having fun is much more important. That’s what cute Mizuki told Japane Lust while looking to have some refreshing Japanese teen sex.

However, who she’s having fun with doesn’t really matter to her. Be it her new boyfriend of three month, or somebody else, this amateur Japanese teen is just looking to get her tight hairy pussy stretched by a throbbing hard cock.

Mizuki also happens to be really into older men, thank god for daddy issues.

Since they always find themselves too tired to do it, her boyfriend and she haven’t had sex in a really long time. Which makes this guy being here just to have some erotic Japanese teen sex with her, a really wonderful coincidence; for both of them, of course.

 Her first time was in junior high, and the lucky guy who took her virginity had one large cock. So this one right here has a lot of work to do, if he wants to compete.

Before getting down to business, the adorable Japanese teen stands up, allowing us to admire her super cute outfit. A black shirt covered by a delightful striped vest, and a matching sexy miniskirt. Let’s not forget the attractive knee high socks tightly grabbing her delicious young thighs.

Her hot miniskirt is so short. Taking the camera just a little bit below her waist reveals her yummy ass held tight by an argyle patterned, pink and black panties.

Imagine what it would be like, climbing some stairs behind this slutty chick, with her voluptuous ass cheeks right in your face.

Japanese teen sex
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Playing some checkers

This slutty Japanese teen’s playful attitude makes her strip tease ten times hotter. She really likes to tease before she pleases.

Starting by taking off her top, a pair of nice and perky little tits is revealed, hiding beneath a cute bra that matches her panties. Apparently her boobs are her favorite part of her body.

Now she bends over and lifts up her skirt to parade her teen ass, but quickly stands up again to take the whole thing off.

Only her underwear and seductive knee highs are left now, but that doesn’t last for long. She unties the bra laces on her back, and unhooks the front. Having teased so much already; she covers them with her hands, before exposing a gorgeous pair of perky soft boobs.

The guy can’t hold his urge to grab the perfect pair for too long, hurriedly reaching for them with his hand. He teases her already erect nipples with his fingers before grabbing a feel of her young tits.

Unfortunately, the sexy knee highs aren’t kept on for long; Mizuki sits down on the bed, and removes to show off her nice legs.

Panties shortly follow as she takes her last chance for some strip tease before dropping them down. Her hairy teen pussy looks so fresh.

Sitting down on the couch, she spreads her heavenly legs. That pussy looks like it’s going to make for a delicious meal.

The erotic teen spreads her pussy lips for us, so tight and nice; this dude can’t resist diving in with his mouth. Licking away at her sensitive lips, it doesn’t take long for her to start making some sensual sounds of pleasure.

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Long-forgotten pleasure

He stimulates her clit with his index finger for a while before bringing in a pink rotor. The vibrating toy’s sound intertwines with the horny Japanese teen’s lustful moans.

Switching from a rotor to a denma, this time she does her work herself. Rubbing her delicate pussy with the head, her sounds coming out of her mouth are much louder. She’s never felt this close to cumming before.

Mizuki heads to the bed and lies down on her side. He spreads her luscious ass cheeks to closely examine her hairy pussy and tight asshole.

Already rock hard, her man lies down next to her, and she sits up to deliver some long-awaited service.

It seems she’s done teasing, going straight for the shaft with her hand, and shoving the large head inside her pretty mouth.

Hugging the fully erect rod with her lush pink lips, she occasionally takes the time to use her tongue for some added satisfaction.

To make sure his girl doesn’t feel left out, he reaches for her pussy as she’s swallowing his cock, the sign of a true gentleman.

She clearly appreciates the initiative, taking the happy-red cock out of her mouth, and getting ready for some paizuri.

Squeezing his cock between her two perky boobs, she drags herself up and down, sending him straight to sexual heaven.

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Japanese teen sex like you’ve never seen before

That’s enough foreplay. The sexy Japanese teen gets on all fours, and backs that perfect ass up for his nice hard cock to go straight in.

He’s done teasing too apparently. As soon as her sexy ass is close to him he shoves his cock deep inside and starts to pound her like crazy.

Her insides getting stirred up by a hard cock turn her wild like an animal. Body shaking with each thrust; her moans are more sensual than ever. As her gorgeous tits and ass cheeks arousingly jiggle to rhythm of the hammering she’s receiving.

Taking a short break so he doesn’t reach his limit too soon, he slips his cock out of her stretched hairy pussy. Lying on his back, he invites the Japanese teen to take her turn on top.

She sits on the hard cock, and starts jumping up and down to pleasure herself.

Lustfully exhaling as she works the cock, her silky brown hair wiggles in harmony. As she goes faster and harder, her beautiful boobs join the party, bouncing with each move she makes.

Japanese teen sex
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Here for the view

We take a look from the back. He grabs and spreads her soft fleshy ass cheeks to reveal her asshole pulsating in pleasure. All the while his cock is drilling deep into the hairy pussy of this Japanese teen. She sits straight and those hot cheeks start to jiggle seductively.

Leaning on her arms, she slides her pussy on the cock before assuming the next and last position.

As an epilogue to this sensational sex session, Mizuki lies on her back, and spreads her steamy legs.

She pants as she struggles to take a breath between all her lustful exhalations. His hips rapidly ram into her young thighs, and her tits dance to the beat.

This lucky guy has reached his limit long ago, but managed to keep his balls full somehow. He realizes he can longer do that, time to give her a fresh teen creampie.

His hot seed fills her insides and make her all warm and satisfied; she takes some time to catch her breath. Cum oozing out of her stretched hairy teen pussy, her cute giggles are a sign of her satisfaction.

Having just had the best Japanese teen sex of his life, she teases him a bit by telling him her boyfriend was better, but they both know this was one of the best nights of their lives.