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Young hot waitress Miki Kagawa talks with Japan Lust about her unfortunate sex life and her struggles finding a stable relationship. Mainly the reasons that pushed this beautiful Japanese babe to star in her first amateur porn scene.

She works at a fast food joint. It’s always busy and she has to bust that yummy ass of hers around the clock to satisfy the demanding customers, though she definitely doesn’t mind the gropes and spanks on her ass from them when ever she’s bending over to put down their plates.

Relationship-wise, she’s been single for about a year. The fact that her job makes her cross paths with so many people every single day, yet she never managed to find one suitable partner makes her very distressed. She’s so desperate for a boyfriend that she’s willing to do anything to get one.

Her standards are definitely not to blame though. All she asks is the generic “someone who’s kind” along with the very reasonable criteria that her partner isn’t a manchild and can actually take care of himself. Basically, as long as a guy isn’t a demanding crybaby who always asks for more, she’s willing to give the relationship a chance.

Throughout this past year, she’s been barely sustaining her sexual needs by fucking one of her ex-boyfriends. He’s a guy whom she used to date a few years ago, he’s getting married in a couple of months and she’s been riding his cock behind his fiancées back all year.

Such a naughty teen deserves more than just a boring grope of her delicious ass. Perhaps stretching those cheeks wide as a hard cock destroys her tight pussy will be a reasonable punishment.

Hot Waitress
                                                                                                 Hot Waitress

Nice teen ass

Miki is dressed in a beautiful colorful one-piece today, one that’s about to be removed for our pleasure.

Standing up so she can begin her lascivious stripping session, she very excitingly starts.

Now that her one-piece has been taken off, we can appreciate her beautiful thick legs. Lovely white panties are covering her hairy pussy. Also revealing her matching white bra, and beneath it her perfect perky boobs.

Giving the viewers no time to rest, she unhooks and drops her bra, immediately and without the slightest need for a request, her panties following it within seconds. It’s beyond obvious just how eager she is to stuff every hole in her body with hard cock.

Her bra coming off exposes a pair of perfect big boobs, and her panties were hiding a lush hairy pussy.

It’s so much easier to appreciate this Japanese hot waitress’s stunning curvy body now that she’s completely naked.

She’s back on the couch, seductively spreading her luscious pussy lips. Her pink hairy pussy looks like the meal of a lifetime.

Pleasing herself by stimulating her sensitive clit, she first uses her fingers before switching to the more efficient denma. She adorably tries to moan as quietly as possible. But she’s so close to cumming, it’s impossible to hold it in.

The hot waitress’s pussy is already dripping wet from all the cum inside of it, forcing her to take a shower.

The guy realizes just how lucky he is that this opportunity came out of nowhere.

Hot water flowing all over her mature body, she seductively rubs it all over.

But her man is feeling left out, it would be rude not to service him when he’s here to please her.

Hot Waitress
                                                                                                 Hot Waitress

Giving back the attention

She massages his hard cock with soap, properly cleaning her food before she swallows it.

Stroking the shaft with her hand after a few arousing licks, the dude can no longer take it, he needs to stretch her pussy.

Granting him his wishes, she bends over and spreads her heavenly legs. He mercilessly pounds her, as her lustful moans fill the small bath with a sensual feeling.

Both done with their bath, he almost forgot he had two funbags to play with all this time.

The lucky guy fondles and jiggles the voluptuous pair, teasing the delicate nipples with his fingers.

To repay his kindness, the gorgeous hot waitress has him lie down. She starts to nibble on his body, leaving no area unblessed with her sweet mouth. All the while, her tender hand is jerking his diamond-hard cock.

She adds to his already immeasurable satisfaction by using her incredible tits to toss his cock left and right. Eventually the babe reaches his stiff rod with her mouth for an even more erotic sensation.

Taking the cock deep into her throat, she bobbles her head as each move stains the shaft a happy red.

Once the cock is out of her mouth and already stiff as a pole, she gets on top of her man, and leads the dick with her hand to her anticipating hole, driving it all the way in as she sits down.

The hot waitress starts to jump up and down, and her hypnotic big tits follow suit. With each bounce taking the cock deeper into her tight hairy pussy.

Turning around to present her yummy thick ass, Miki is now in reverse cowgirl. And she’s substituted the boob bounce with an equally satisfying ass cheek jiggle.

Hot Waitress
                                                                                                 Hot Waitress

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Her lustful exhalations can turn any cock into stone within seconds, as she bends on all fours for some doggy style action.

Each thrust of her man’s hips creates a beat for the hot waitress’s sensuous boobs and delicious ass to dance to in harmony.  He then pulls her arm back for an extremely erotic shot of her beautiful face.

She’s now on her side, with the cock stirring her insides from behind. They don’t stay in this position for too long before ending their sensual love making session with some missionary.

The pummeling on her fleshy thighs is harder than ever, and her loud moans are evidence to her gratification.

Miki’s screaming, her big tits are just flying up and down. Her man’s psychotic pace is a signal that he can’t go on any longer.

Driven mad with pleasure, he finally fills her tight hairy pussy with the hot creampie she’s been craving since last they met.