Sexy Brunette Goes Out For A Huge Meal

Kumiko Katsura is one hot sexy brunette that agreed to talk to us here at JapanLust after telling her poor husband that she went for a meal, a huge one.

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She told her husband that she was going out with her friends to do some shopping and have launch with them at one of their houses, and she got the meal.

Colored in her shot sexy gray dress Kumiko surly caught everyone’s attention on her way to meet with us to her super-hot Mature body.

As a super sexy brunette she felt that she can do better than the husband that she married. The poor guy tried his best but he was no match to her lusty needs.

They used to fuck many times a day, but the poor fella can not do that anymore as she was sucking the energy out of him through his dick. So Kumiko decided to get another cock to her life.

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Then she tried sex toys. That’s why she decided to cheat on her husband and came to us here at JapanLust.
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A mature body like no other

In order to get the ball rolling, we first need to take our time and examine her nubile body.

The lucky guy tasked with pleasuring her today asks her to head towards the bed and bend over on all fours.

Lifting the one-piece reveals a perfect tight ass covered by slutty transparent white panties. She then lies on her back and drags the one-piece all the way up, showing us her steamy white bra.

Now on tummy, her man drags down the pantyhose in order to allow us to revel in the beauty of her bare ass in panties. But he soon takes his focus upstairs, taking both her one-piece and her bra off simultaneously. A pair of plump tits with puffy big nipples are exposed.

He teases her erect nipples with his fingers for a bit before having her sit down and remove what’s left of the pantyhose.

Caressing her all over her amazing body and fondling her perky tits as he reaches down to her tight hairy pussy, the hot cougar’s panties are already soaking wet.

But what sort of Sexy brunette porn scene doesn’t a fresh hairy pussy getting fingered? They need to fix that, and so he takes off her moist panties to reveal a pair of fresh pussy lips soaked in love juices.

Once the luscious lips are brought to the side, a lustful pink hole awaiting pleasure is exposed.
Stimulating her sensitive clit before diving in, he shoves his fingers all the way inside her hole.

The sound of the lustful fluids inside her getting stirred up by her man’s fingers makes her twitch and moan with infinite satisfaction. Kumiko’s already aroused out of her mind.

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Taking it to the next level

Heavenly legs spread wide open; her man pulls out his fingers and goes in with his mouth.

Devouring the erotic cougar’s tight hairy pussy like it was his last meal on earth. His slick tongue slides up and down the lips, as its tip flicks her delicate clit.

He flips her and bends her over to have a better position for his tongue to dive deep inside her hole.
To add an extra punch to this Sexy brunette porn scene, after having eaten her out for quite some time. The guy brings out the holy denma.

With an incredible one hand technique that she most definitely did not expect, he shoves two fingers deep inside her pussy, while using the rest to command the vibrating denma and push it hard against her clit.

She’s struggling to catch a breath as her erotic sounds fill the room with a mist of lewdness. The sensational babe’s mind is no longer her own as she goes high on her own hormones.
This deranged lustful feeling is exactly why she wanted to do a Sexy brunette porn scene in the first place.

The professional pussy destroyer knows his woman won’t be able to take this much longer on her knees. So he has her lie down again and continues to rub her cunt with the denma before moving upwards.

Groping and fondling her majestic tits, he takes a few sucks out of her delicate nipples before handing her his rock solid cock.

A masterful professional herself, Kumiko makes use of her sweet lips and flexible tongue to satisfy the wanting rod. Her ball-busting technique of using her pretty mouth turns the heat to eleven on this sensual fuck session.

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Sexy brunette shows her skills

Having turned his cock completely red from all the pleasuring she gave it, it’s time he pays her back for the service.

Lying down once again, her stunning legs are spread wide open, showing off her cute trimmed bush.
The cock goes in hard and fast without any introductions.

Adding to the lewd scenery is her panties still being lasciviously stuck to her ankles as she’s getting rammed.
Her gorgeous jiggly boobs dance as his hips thrust faster and stronger. Erotic moans grow louder as she’s pummeled out of her mind.

Switching the semen demon to her side and folding her legs allows us to fully appreciate that perfect pussy getting cute pink from all the rough friction.
This ever-improving Sexy brunette porn scene keeps getting better. As Kumiko is bent over and pounded in doggy style.

Both being the professionals that they are, they switch from doggy style to reverse cowgirl without him even pulling out his cock.
She starts to bounce that voluptuous ass up and down the diamond-hard rod. Her sweaty smooth back makes the view simply flawless.

The hard cock also remains inside her warm pussy hole as she rotates to become a real cowgirl. Bouncing those marvelous boobs as she herself jumps up and down the pole.

Even Sexy brunette porn as cock hardening as this has to come to an end. Staying true to their style, he keeps his cock in as they go for one last round of missionary.

With him finally reaching his limit, a huge load of hot cum flows in for the perfect creampie to fill her tight pussy.
“I’m sorry! You’ll probably get pregnant, but your body felt way too good not to cum inside!”